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Our online donation system provides a fast, secure and convenient way of giving for the busy lifestyle.  You no longer have to be limited by attending one of our functions, or meeting in person, you can give at any time and from anywhere, with just a few simple clicks.

We would like to encourage you to consider electronic giving as a more convenient and organized way to give. This sacrifice helps our convention meet the needs of others, as well as helps to build the Kingdom of GOD! 

How to Donate


Givelify allows you to make payments online via credit or debit card and gives you the ability to schedule debit payments from your checking or savings account.


Interested in mailing in your donation? remember to make your check out to:


PO Box 72

Latham, MD 20703


Paypal is our alternative to Givelify. Paypal allows you to make payments online via credit or debit card. Like Givelify, it also allows you the ability to schedule payments. 

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